Tips for Designing a Business Card

Tips for Designing a Business Card


Every business need a piece of thing to be presented in the market, and the business card is one of those things that will not fully replace anytime soon even in today’s digital printing techniques and they have thousands of benefits. A well-designed business card with all the relevant contact information can capture the attention of your prospect and help you remain in the client’s memory well after your initial meeting. Here we are going to help you with some tips in order to ease the process of designing it for you. Many people have an understanding of how to scheme business cards, but there are some tiny problems involve redesign and fixing.

  • Design a business card in Relatable Programs

There is a wide variety of different programs and applications for designing a business card. These programs may need a professional background but some of them are designed to be use by everyone. Adobe InDesign is the most versatile program in the marketplace. On the other hand, to help you choose a suitable program, pay attention to the fact that it should be vector based. As a example, avoid Adobe Photoshop because it is not a vector base program and you may face some problems printing small texts.

  • Quiet Zone

Do not place your logo, text or graphical background design near the edge for designing a business card . Always mark about 3to 4.5 mm of the edge so that not only your card does not look bad because of the texts near the edge, but also in the printing process you will not miss anything.

  • Font

A good business card is the one which is readable by many people. Your target marked is all the people, even the ones suffering from poor eyesight. Our recommended font size is about 5.5 to 6 pt which is absolutely easy to read by eyes. On the other hand, remember that a text, which is read directly, sticks to everyone’s mind better.
Not only the font size is of high importance, but also the simplicity of font is important too. So choose a readable simple and basic font.


  • The Card Size

Business cards vary in different sizes and there is no limit on designing a business card. It is a good idea to keep following the standard size of 55* 85 mm, which may seem a bit little, but with creativity all the information could be included such as phone name, phone number, email address, social handles and logo.

  • Use Novel Printing Features

There are novel and modern printing ways, which impact on the first impression and the overall look, including various special finishes, foil blocking, spot-UV and metallic inks. This may add up the cost of your printing.
Mostly business cards are printed on card stock. Using a new creative material as like as transparent plastics may not be cost-efficient, but it grab extra attention in the market.

  • Cutting the Cards

To die a cart may be expensive, but it would give you extra space if a page were not enough for you. As a tip, we recommend you to use laser cut printing option, which is a cost-effective. As a tip, creativity can be included even in the cutting process.

  • Design Option

Business cards are usually horizontal cards and they are mostly rectangular. Never rely your design on the traditionalism. Choose the right shape considering your industry and brand. Even vertical cards give a lot glamour to your design.
Many may think that a minimal and very simple design is not a good option. On the other hand, such minimal designs make your design elegant and luxury. So do not make your card busy with all the information. Your card should include the least and necessity information. Company name, your name, job title, contact information (phone number, email, address, one or two key social media channels) exemplify card details.
Include some details on the back of the card. It is a good idea to put the information about your company and work on one side, using the design for showing your exact goal and abilities.
Your card should be kept in the target market mind’s and they should use the card. Therefore, it would be a good idea that you put extra information as like as emergency numbers on the backside of your business card. In so doing, the customer will keep it with himself.

  • Avoid Any Mistakes

Remember the fact that a mistake in the spelling or even the contacting addresses could affect your company’s prospective.
Pay Attention to The Materials
Using high quality materials in printing will grab the most attention from the customers. Choose the printing company correctly, so that the materials will show up when you are presenting your brand.

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