Business letterhead

Business letterhead

Do we really need business letterhead papers for our business? What elements are crucial for us to know in case of office headers!

Here we are trying to clarify this matter for you, so come along with us.

Afterwards business cards, Header and footer designs for business letterheads became so trended in the last years. You can simply level up your business prestige whether it is small or a multi-branded one by them.

What is a business letterhead?

Business letterhead is actually a pre-printed heading on documents such as letters, memos, and notes. By ordering a set of business letterheads your company documents look more professional and it will help keep your branding consistent and promoted.

All you need is a theme!

For branding your business, there are some golden key to remember like, your business need a logo, business cards, and you must choose a theme for your business which it will be indicating as a template in your business letterhead.

For decades industries and business have been using letterheads for important communications. Letterheads are also the official means to gain the customers trust and to contact other business individuals or associate.

What elements are important to be indicated in the business letterheads?

A professional letterhead need to designed and planned diligently. Professional letterheads are used for business and branding purposes across any confidential notice or document in hard copy format to your clients, business individuals or other departments. These exclusive designed papers help in making strong impression in the minds of the receiver. 

This business paper should define your company and business in an excellent way. By this definition some data must be included such as, company name, address, contact details like email address, phone numbers, fax numbers and website address. Besides all the company’s logo with other details are essential.

Also these basic details need to be considered on the letterhead:

– Layout of the letterhead

– Use of colors

– Paper quality


  • When communication is done through a letterhead, it makes the correspondence look official.
  • Business letterhead is a powerful marketing tool that will grab your customer’s attention at the first place. This is what we calling it as brand building.
  • Letterheads are resembling a strong professional image of your company.
  • The whole essential information each customer need is indicated in the letterhead. So it is useful for clients or business associated to find and easily communicate with you.
Letterhead printing

As we mentioned above, the quality of the letterhead is a matter of discuss and so important in building your brand image and stick to your customers mind. The quality of letterhead printing has a direct interaction with the quality of your brand.

Magenta printing company offering you an exclusive and affordable office sets to promote your business image. We can help you with the letterhead and the content on it and also we can print letterheads with specialized preexisting designs and provided you by any format you like. We have been servicing companies across Canada, providing them with the top newest ideas and printing services.

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