Magnetic Notepad

Magnetic Notepad

Magnetic notepad is a unique marketing tool that sticks on metallic surfaces. Wide range of users find themselves in need of these types of products. People of all ages will use notepads on a regular basis not only in their professional but also personal daily lives. As a result, magnetic notepads are an ideal option to consider as a promotional item for displaying and advertising your business. It sticks on refrigerators at home and on file cabinets in the office or any metal surface for the entire year and these notepads are constantly visible to your customers and business partners. Moreover, Magnetic notepads are fun items that people love to stick these to the metallic surfaces in homes or offices. If you are looking for a custom gift that will build brand recognition, Notepad magnets will make an excellent choice. Every time your recipients want to write something on it, these notepads will serve as a strong reminder of your business.

Size and Shape

There is a wide range of designs to choose from, including a range of colors, layouts and styles, our designers have the perfect option for every need. Whatever size you choose you need to make sure you are showing your message in a clear and easy way to read. It is clear, by choosing larger size you will share maximum business information, image and texture with your customers. Larger notepads may need stronger disc magnets due to weight of notepad to ensure the product is able to stay on a refrigerator or any metal surfaces.


Magnetic Notepad Usages and benefits

Magnetic notepads are perfect choose for marketing campaigns, conferences, corporate events, giveaways or simply for daily office use.

Useful and essential for offices, homes and schools.

Magnetic notepad can be fun.

Effective to take notes and organize your daily life.

Constantly visible to your customers and business partners.

A memorable marketing tool.

Accessible on refrigerators, cabinets or other metallic surfaces

Visually appealing.

An attractive marketing tool that sticks on metallic surfaces.

keeping on people's minds longer than ordinary notepads

Cost-effective option to advertise.

Magnetic notepads give you a professional look.

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