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Door Hanger

Door hangers, hang tags, and parking tags are indispensable tools for conveying messages and information in a highly visible and convenient manner. Door hangers are effective for marketing and communication, whether for promotions, do-not-disturb signs, or service alerts, as they engage with occupants directly. Hang tags serve as versatile labels for products, gifts, or event merchandise, adding branding and pricing information conveniently. Parking tags help manage parking spaces and control access, ensuring order and security in private or public lots. In various contexts, these printed items play a crucial role in conveying messages, instructions, and branding, making them essential components for efficient communication and organization in both business and personal settings.

Door Hanger Size

We offer four standard sizes: The most popular door hanger size is 3.5 x 8.5. Another good choice if you want a wider design area is 5.25 x 8.5. The sizes 4 x 11 and 4 x 14 are larger version of the most common size- ideal for image-heavy designs.

Standard Door Hanger Size

3.5 in. x 8.5 in.
5.25 in. x 8.5 in.
4 in. x 11 in.
4 in. x 14 in.

Door Hanger Optional Features

Full-Color Front - Unprinted Back
Full-Color Front - Full-Color Front
Die-cut hole options to fit any doorknob
Uncoated paper Door Hanger
Coated paper Door Hanger

Paper Type & Thickness

Paper type plays an important role and can impact how your colors look on the printed card. There are different standard stocks and paper types for Door Hanger. Typically, thick Door Hanger are more rigid, sturdy and durable. Uncoated Door Hanger don’t have a protective coating which means they can get damaged more easily. As a tip, uncoated Door Hanger type is ideal if you want to write something on with a pen or pencil. Coated paper has a sharper and cleaner printing look than uncoated papers. The protective coating also keeps dirt, dust and grime off of your paper.

Here we listed options to choose Paper Type:

Cardstock Gloss

Cardstock Matte

Cardstock High Gloss (UV)

Wide-ranging uses of Door Hangers

Advertise your business or organization

Profitable and creative option of marketing activity

Announcement of the house opening, closing, or selling

Announcement of the Lawn Care and Landscaping

Announcement of the shops and restaurants opening, closing

Memorable way of introducing yourself to customers

Memorable way of introducing yourself to customers

As Do Not Disturb sign in variety of places such as Hotels

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