6 Tips Designing a Calendar

6 Tips Designing a Calendar

 In our ever-changing world, the only thing we could schedule and manage our time with is a calendar. There is nothing more usable than a calendar in all around the world. What make this item special is that, calendars are used in both offices and houses. As calendars grab everyone’s attention every single day, they could become a major key influencing on the target market. By designing a calendar you could have a daily reminder of your business for everyone in a one year period. Here we are going to give you 6 tips in order to design a remarkable calendar.

  1. Know Your Audience Needs

First of all, as there are many different kind of calendars, try to think about what kind of calendars are serviceable for your market. Obviously, a house needs for a calendar is way different from an office.

  • wall calendars
  • Month by Month: In designing this type you can use 12 different high quality images, which could be
  • Large one sheet posters: This type may seem specious on the wall and grab too many attentions. They are better for the offices.
  • desk top calendars

They grab the customer’s attention, but they require more creativity as you will face lack of space. They mostly contain an image or a to do list or a designed layout for you to write down notes.

  • Monthly planners

This type is more useful as everyone could add as many as information they want in it. They could get benefit from planning everything in details freely.

Each of them benefit you from a different aspect. That is why knowing your audience and their needs in everyday use could help you choosing the best design.

  1. Select a Relatable Theme
  • A well-chose theme is the one, which knows where people’s interest lies even a current trend or flowers. If your printed calendar is going to be used as a commercial, it is a good idea to put your company images and graphics or even samples on it. However, be careful about that every page contains a different document. Use your brand colors and design style besides your brand logo. If so it will stick to the customer mind easier.
  • On the other hand, try to keep it pretty. It is not all about your brand. The more the layout be eye-catching, the more audience will use it every day.
  • A considerable factor choosing a theme is that you should be aware to have enough images or samples. So that you could cover all the months with various designs.
  • Pay attention to the seasons either. All the calendars contain important landmarks such as Easter and Christmas.
  1. Make the Calendar Use Easier

Selecting a unique type and theme for your calendar may seem attractive at the first sight. However, what make a calendar convenient enough to be used is defiantly not the uniqueness. This is not to say that you should follow a simple design. Nevertheless, get the idea and keep in your mind that your calendar should be usable too.

Nowadays, there are many different types of layouts for designing a calendar. The design of them and the graphic use in them could be a key factor to succeed in designing your calendar.

  1. Quality Matters

As we are expert in printing, we all know that not only the content is important, but also the resolution and quality matters. When it comes to printing, a high-resolution image have a direct impact on your product. So try to avoid images with low resolution. If you do not have these images, get help from an expert in order to reach a high quality calendar.

  1. Be Exact

What would happen if you make a mistake on an important date?

This may not happen a lot, but it does not mean it is not that important.

Therefore, it is a good idea to not only be exact on all the holidays, but also mention some different and special dates which are not in other calendars. Pay attention that they should be relatable to your target market. As an example, you could add your key sale dates or promotions. Even if you are a small business, why not your customers know your offs and sales.

  1. Printing

Use the front and back cover from high quality paper. Your calendar will need a page for each month of the year. Here are some ideas and tips in printing:

  • If you are looking forward to an inexpensive model, you could use double-sided print. In so doing, you easily will half the number of pages needed.
  • You could even select for a sustainable paper stock to show your customers you are environmentally friendly as a business.
  • You could add more image and space for notes by using a double-sided print, so that you have 24 pages.
  • Pay attention to the size, so that the dates could easily be seen in order to your calendar become a functional.

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